Staying in Barcelona

Staying in Barcelona

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Staying in Barcelona: The most pleasant city in Spain

One of the favorite destinations for tourists when visiting Spain, is to stay in Barcelona, ​​a city full of joy, color and fun, which hides in each of its corners the Spanish essence, which makes live pleasant experiences to all its visitors In it, culture, art, architecture, gastronomy and pleasure intermingle.

Staying in Barcelona

Its streets, places, museums, squares, restaurants and night spots, make this city the most popular when it comes to choosing a tourist place to stay, in addition another of its attractions is the location, since it is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain range of the Pyrenees.

It has a high popularity, coming to be considered as the most modern, avant-garde and cosmopolitan city of all Spain. In addition to this it has places of interest and renown such as the Plaza de España, Paseo de Gracia and the Cathedral of Barcelona.

Staying in Barcelona

It is the second most populated city in Spain, after Madrid, it has a great commercial, financial and tourist importance, which makes it attractive to tourists from all over the world. For this reason, there is a great variety of well-known hotels that accommodate people from all over.

Accommodation in Barcelona Hotels

Staying in Barcelona If you want to stay in Barcelona the hotel offer is quite extensive, it is a sector that is constantly growing, due to the high demand of tourists, who choose this Spanish city as a place to spend holidays or to be passing through. In it there is a wide list of hotels distributed in all its streets, there are for all tastes, from the most luxurious to the simplest and most welcoming.

What to do in the city?

Once you are staying in one of the different hotels in Barcelona, ​​it is time to visit the metropolis, its streets, corners and essential places give life to this beautiful Spanish city. You just have to open your mind and discover all those spaces that you will surely want to visit again.

One of the infallible options when visiting the Catalan capital is to eat in one of its restaurants that will surely please even the most demanding palates, the most popular are those in Barceloneta, where you can try the popular tapas and seafood, accompanied by the best cocktails.

Staying in Barcelona

You can also shop at some of its clothing and souvenir shops, many of them located in Ciutat Vella or Gracia. You can also visit museums, squares, fountains, where you can surely find an interesting street show. If you are a sports lover, especially football, then you can not miss in your experience to see a part of FC Barcelona, ​​in the Camp Nou stadium, the largest in Europe.

If it is night and you still want to go around the city then you can visit any of the night clubs that make this urban center. Clubs, pubs, terraces, bars and the very popular Strip Clubs, are everywhere, for all tastes, from the most prestigious to the simplest.

Nightlife and the Strip Clubs

If you want to live unique and exciting experiences, surrounded by beautiful women, then the best option is to go to a Strip Club, those from Barcelona are considered the best in Spain, their prestige, elegance and services confirm this.

To reach them, there are many companies that offer free taxi transfer to the best places of this type. But the one that has been cataloged like the best one in this type is that will be in charge to organize all your transfer towards the club.


Staying in Barcelona. If you are staying in a hotel in the city, do not worry, just contact them and they will arrange a tour of the best Strip Clubs in the city, the most exclusive and the most beautiful girls, the best of all is that they offer free taxi transportation

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